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Since the inception of Troop 119 in 1968 many Scouts made the climb towards the rank of Eagle Scout.  Click on this EAGLE LINK to see the names of the 56 Scouts who earned the rank of Eagle Scout while a member of Troop 119.



Eagle Palms - Legacy Method

Eagle Palms are presented to Scouts after achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and continuing to earn additional merit badges.  While very few Scouts, nationally, earn the rank of Eagle Scout, even fewer earn Eagle Palms. Scouts may wear only the proper combination of Palms for the number of merit badges earned beyond the rank of Eagle. The Bronze Palm represents 5 merit badges, the Gold Palm 10, and the Silver Palm 15.Eagle Palms must be earned in sequence, and the three-month tenure requirement must be observed for each Palm.   Scouts who earn three Palms may continue to earn additional Palms in the same order - bronze, gold, and silver. All requirements for Eagle Palms must be completed before a candidate's 18th birthday.   The table below shows how many and which Palms should be worn for various numbers of Merit Badges beyond the 21 required for Eagle Scout, and how long it takes to earn these palms ( assuming exactly 3 months between each Board of Review).  To get to 21 Palms (7 Silver Palms), a Scout would have to have his Eagle Board of Review at least 3 months before his 13th birthday, and then have each successive Board of Review at exactly 3 month intervals. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SCOUTS EARNING LEGACY EAGLE PALMS.



eagle palm table


Bob Beil Award

On Tuesday, December 30, 2008 Troop 119 performed one of the most important Courts of Honor throughout our entire history.  That evening Troop 119 honored Mr. Bob Beil with the title Scoutmaster Emeritus.  There were three components to this very special recognition.  First we presented Bob with a new uniform shirt depicting his new Scoutmaster Emeritus patch.  Second we have named March 1 of every year as Bob Beil Day.  Finally we developed a new Troop Award titled the Bob Beil Award, which is awarded to one Scout every year at our annual Christmas party in December.  This award embodies three virtues, DUTY, HONOR, WISDOM.  Scouts are initially assessed points based upon a myriad of factors.  The top five candidates are then sent to a board consisting of the Committee Chairman and three former Scoutmasters.  The board makes a recommendation to the Scoutmaster and then the Scoutmaster uses the results of board and the raw scores of the boys to select one Scout each year who signifies the virtues of Duty, Honor, and Wisdom.  The name of each Scout who receives that award is listed on this page.


Bob has given so much to Troop 119 and his community.  His was a key factor in starting the Troop in 1968 and has remained an active member ever since.  He has occupied every Troop position and continues to watch young boys become men, fathers, and then watches their boys enter the program.  He rarely misses a Scout meeting and can be seen sharing his vast knowledge of Scouting facts and history with the Scouts and parents.  He leads many of the fund raising efforts of the Troop and always finds a way to get more mileage out of every dollar that is needed to maintain a great program.  Although never a Boy Scout himself he is clearly someone who embodies the Scout Oath, Law, and Outdoor Code more than anyone could expect of any Scout.  He most famous saying is "It is for the boys," and this is a testament of the difference between a good Scout Leader and a GREAT Scout Leader.  You will never see Bob put himself before the Scout or the task at hand.  You will find him helping others around town regularly.  It is through his example we are all fortunate to have such a great teacher, mentor, and friend.

2012 joey a
2010 zach c
bob beil award 2015
2014 jack a

2009 Tony M.

2010 Zach C.

2011 Dillon L.

2012 Joey A.

2013 Brian S.

2014 Jack A.

2015 Russell S.


North Star Award Named in Memory of Todd Herron, Troop Committee Chairman 2006 - 2013

Todd Herron honorably served as the Troop 119 Committee Chairman.  He was a son, husband, father, and friend to all.  Todd was always concerned about ensuring our Scouts received the very best.  He could spend hours each day talking about ideas, experiences, and aspirations.  Unfortunately he was taken from us way too soon however his memory, legacy, and gregarious life remains with us today.  Beginning in 2013 the Troop instituted the North Star Award in Todd's honor and memory.  We are blessed to have his loving wife, Brenda, join us as we issue this prestigious award each year along with his sons Steven and Sam.  Todd was deeply committed to his family and the Troop.  He guided his sons, Steven and Sam, as they navigated the Cub Scout program and Boy Scout program where they each earned the coveted rank of Eagle Scout.  One of our favorite quotes from the author Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us of Todd - "It is not the length of life, but the depth."  Todd foged this each day and our existence shows the depth he went in his love and passion for the Scouting program we all enjoy.

2014 north star jack a
russell ns award 2015

2015 Russell S.

2014 Jack A.

2013 Austin G.

2016 Adam V.

2016 Adam V.

2016 Sebastian O.

2016 bob beil award

2017 Maxwell S.

2017 bob beil award
2016 north star adam
2016 north star sebastian
2017 north star award

2017 Ray V.


Eagle Palms - Current Method

Beginning on August 1, 2017 Boy Scouts of America changed their procedure for award Eagle Palms.  Scouts no longer have to wait to receive palms to where they have already earned the requiste number of merit badges.  A Scout automatically receives the total number of Palms equal to the number of merit badges earned and associated with each Eagle Palm at time of earning the rank of Eagle Scout.  Scouts can continue to earn Palms above the number received however the required three month period between Palms is resume.  This new Palm page will list all the Palms earned by Scouts achieving Palms. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SCOUTS EARNING EAGLE PALMS.