Boy Scout Troop 119


It is good to have our website up and running again.  The website host expired in May and we spent some time seeking out a new host as well as taking time to redesign the site to become more functional, which resulted in this version.  If you have ideas or an interest to help maintain the website please let us know.  Since May we have accomplished many goals and objectives.  First, after over a year of preparation and training our second contingent of 24 members made it's way to Alogonquin Provicinal Park in Ontario Canada for a great week of outoor life and fellowship.  We hope to have the picture book out by the Christmas Party.  June is the perfect time of year to enjoy the beauty of Algonquin even though you still encounter those pesky flies.  Fortunately for us the black flies had departed a few days before our arrival. 


Summer Camp - Camp Conestoga.  2015 marked our eigth consecutive year of attending Camp Conestoga.  Our campsite, given that it rained for two straight weeks before camp and the entire week of camp, became a large mud bowl, which did not slow down the fun in camp.  On the last night the Scouts were so muddy they had to take showers with their clothes on.  This year was extra special because we had the good fortune of having Mr. Allen spend the entire week with us.  Mr. Allen served as the Scoutmaster of the Troop for over a decade however during that period (late 80s to early 90s) Mr. Allen's could not get time off from work and spent his days at work while parents volunteered to help at camp.  The Troop attended summer camp back then at Camp Stambaugh.

In August and October we camped at Snyder's.  During the October campout we hosted the Webelos from Pack 119 and were fortunate to have Mr. Harris, our unit commissioner, visit and perform a bow-drill fire demonstration.  We spent many hours preparing our new gathering site we temporarily call the Scout Lodge, which was the house adjacent to the Church.  Many came out to paint walls, clean, install new lights, arrange equipment, and begin to transform what was a home into our new headquarters.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful Chartering Organization and we will ensure we preserve the legacy of the Troop while performing such a valuable service to our community.

alonquin island



November proved to be another great month with a great annual Thanksgiving campout at Stambaugh.  We cooked three turkeys and had a great time in the outdoors while devouring a ton of food.  We kicked off December with our Christmas Party where Russell was honored with the North Star Award and Bob Beil Award.  2015 marked a return to the Christmas sleepover at our new meeting location at the Troop Lodge.  We helped at the Breakfast with Santa on Saturday morning after our party and culminated December with helping with the food drive and bell ringing for the Salvation Army.  We started the New Year with our Camp Stambaugh Campout where the Scouts were divided in two teams to navigate through five Scouting Skill Tasks.  The winning team will be announced at the January Court of Honor.  I will be spending time in January compiling data to complete our Annual Report for presentation in February.

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March 15, 2016: Great March campout and we had perfect weather and activities.  After field testing three new balls we have come to the conclusion that research and development organizations can find out exactly how durable their gear is by having a Boy Scout Troop test it for a weekend.  As we approach Spring we have many exciting events happening.  Please see the calendar for the various events.  Summer camp payment balances are due on April 26 and we are now accepting reservations for the 2017 high adventure trip.  The Troop is forming a specific high adventure committee so if you are interested in participating and helping out with planning please join us.  In just a few days we will crossover the newest Boy Scouts.  BSA has again changed Scouting requirements and probably the biggest change  is that Scouts that earn the Arrow of Light as a Webelos no longer automatically receives the Boy Scout rank rather they must perform the new requirements, which are not a lot, to earn and wear the newly designed Boy Scout rank.  While BSA has stated the Boy Scout rank was not a rank previously I am certain that many would disagree with this assertion as we have always recognized this first rank as a rank.  We have adjusted our program for new Boy Scouts to accomodate all new Scouting requirements and will be working from the new Scout handbook for our new Scouts.


January 29, 2017.  The past year has gone by very fast and similar of all our years as we continue to have fun and pursue new adventures.  Our summer camp in 2016 was probably one of the very best for weather as we had a clear and warm week to enjoy the outdoors.  In June we also kicked off our yearlong training preparation for our 2017 high adventure trip to Algonquin Provicinal Park in June of 2017.  We closed 2017 with holding our annual Christmas party and performing our recurring service hours throughout the community.  As we close the month of January we prepare to elect our new Scout leaders in Februrary as well as conduct Scout Sunday.  The hallmark for 2017 will be the formal kick-off of activities starting in March to begin celebrating the Troop turning 50 in March of 2018.  Each month we will dedicate some event or activity to help us celebrate 50 wonderful years of Scouting.

August 18, 2017.  The Troop has remained very busy since our last update and tonight we embark upon our first ever alumni campout where we we welcome back Scouts and Scouters from the past 49 years.  We are going to do much better next year to get the word out sooner so that we can have a larger turnout as we turn 50 in 2018.  We made our final preparations for Algonquin in May and then headed to the wilderness with the older Scouts, returned, and departed for summer camp two weeks after getting back.  Amazing job by all to make both of these trips memorable for everyone.  We look forward to presenting the photo albums and patches in December at our Christmas Party.

2017 new patrols

February 4, 2018.  Each time I return to the upkeep of the website I have a moment to reflect upon the many wonderful accomplishments of the Troop since the last update.  I am also reminded of how quickly time does past and the good fortune we have as an organization. In just two short months our Troop will turn 50. 50 Years of community service and building the character of leaders.  Hundreds of boys, now fathers and grandfathers, have passed through the gates of the Troop and that is simply amazing to reflect upon.  Beginning this month we are constituting two new and permanent patrols - Bugs Bunny Patrol and Marvin the Martian Patrol.  A few months back the Scouts and leaders decided it would be beneficial to have Scouts intermixed by age and to have two Patrols that will endear time.  We just elected our newest Patrol Leaders last week and making all prepartions, like Patrol flag building, to make this change long lasting.

April 9, 2018.  Winter has just about departed and we are gearing up to begin another new and exciting camping season.  March was a wonderful month as we had nine new Scouts join the Troop with 4 crossing over from Pack 119 and 4 crossing over from Pack 407 in Beaver Falls.  Less than 12 hours after the crossover the entire Troop went to work delivering an amazing breakfast at St. Paul's Church to support our annual breakfast fundraiser.  This fundraiser is so important as the proceeds go to providing the transportation for summer camp.  One short week after the breakfast and we were off to Dayton, Ohio to observe the wonderful sites at the United States Air Force Museum.  The picture to the left is the Troop in front of one the earliest presidential aircraft.  This coming weekend we will hold our first ever adult campout, where we will celebrate 50 years of the existence of the Troop on Sunday, April 15 the day we turn 50.  In a couple of short weeks the new Scouts will be on their first ever Boy Scout campout and in just a short while we will make our annual trek to summer camp at Camp Conestoga.