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Troop 119

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Troop 119 was founded and chartered by the New Springfield Church of God beginning in 1968. Over the course of nearly five decades numerous Scouts have passed through the program along with many adult volunteers keeping the program going for generations to come.  Preparations to start the Troop were initiated in writing in March, 1968.  You can view the first charter HERE.  As you can tell there are numerous  dates stamped throughout the document where it appears numerous people reviewed the document.  While it is very difficult to discern it appears the Troop was issued its first charter on April 15, 1968, which is annotated at the top of the application in stamp format running  through the box titled "New."

During this first year there were 5 adult leaders to include the executive officer and 8 new Boy Scouts.


We are going to set out on a journey to collect as much of the history as we can about our Troop and include on this page.  If you are interested in contributing please reach out to us at